The Path of The Internet

With the help of these reference points, I bring you the Path of the Internet Blog!!

A Brief history of the Internet.  Barry M. LeinerVinton G. CerfDavid D. ClarkRobert E. KahnLeonard KleinrockDaniel C. LynchJon PostelLarry G. RobertsStephen Wolff .

Technology in Action, Introductory, 11th Edition. AlanEvans, Kendall Martin, Mary Anne Poatsy.

Chapter 3. pg. 74-112.

The internet has come a long, perilous journey since its inception.  At its birth, it was designed to be a secure line of military communication.  As more and more research groups became aware of the internet’s potential. ARPANET started paving the road to our grand information super highway, with the first communication in 1969. A few college research groups had a vision that seen far and wide. These groups became the spider that wove the world wide web into what it is today!

After the basic roots were applied, commerce caught on to what it could do with the internet.  In the 1990s internet took a turn that would mold our very lifestyles, and communicating would never be the same again!  From military and research purposes, web browsers launched the general public into a world of e commerce and connection.  Netscape and AOL really began to show us the way.  Nowadays, Google, Microsoft, Firefox, and a few others allow us to do things we never dreamed of before the turn of the century.  Today, instant communication to anyone around the world, is a few keystrokes away!  “You’ve got mail!”.

I remember when I had to count the minutes I talked with my grandmother long distance.  I never thought about the possibility of being able to see my grandma live on a computer screen and be able to communicate like never before!  Social networking like Facebook or twitter, Gives us live feeds of the lives of our loved ones in real time.  It still amazes me how ingrained in our lives networking socially has become!  Email, gives us the same types of abilities.  Allowing us to share almost anything, email really has become one of the most vital tools in the business world!

Remember the days of Napster?  I do!  While it was all still innocent, I loved being able to download all of my favorite music!  Good bye, said I, to Sam Goody.  After downloading music became Federally illegal, I still love YouTube to this day!  Music is a big part of my life, and I love that the internet has allowed me to hear any song I want, at any time!

Wikis, helping us learn how to do almost anything in a few clicks is a great tool for all of the learning sponges out there.  We can’t forget pod and webcasts!! People who felt like they were so small, can now choose their destiny, and become famous overnight.  I know my brief coverage doesn’t even do any slight justice to how far the internet has come, I feel I could type for days and weeks and still, no justice done!

With sites like Amazon and eBay shaping commerce.  The internet has even changed the way we go shopping.  We have more time for more important things than going to Wal-Mart every week.  My items can be delivered right to my doorstep!  The business world continues to revolutionize the way we do business.  Even the guy in his garage, can become a worldwide phenomenon!  Commerce will continue to grow with the most exciting thing, at least to me, THE Internet of Things!!!

I bow with my hat off, internet.  You have come such a long way!  You have changed our lives forever.  However, I do feel that some of the changes it has given us, have been a negative effect.  I close my blog with that question…  I beg to know what others out there think.

 Thinking of humanity, has the way the internet changed our lives, negatively or positively affected society?


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